Chef Biography


Graduated from The Culinary Institute of America majoring in Baking and Pastry Arts. Worked in New York, China - Beijing, and Hong Kong as an executive pastry chef. Currently working as a chocolatier and an author.

Chef Jack Chua was born in Hong Kong but raised in New York. He was inspired to become a chef when he was young as his parents owned part of a restaurant in the States. At the restaurant he took on different roles, such as bartender, dishwasher, busboy, expediter, etc. From these different roles, it inspired him to pursue a career as a chef.  To pursue this dream, Jack started studying at a local vocational cooking school then he went onto studying in Culinary Institute of America where he graduated specialising in baking and pastry.


Chef Jack’s culinary career ranged from Asia to America. He first started his life as a chef in New York where he worked as a pastry cook at a local bakery shop. Later he moved onto pursuing his career in Beijing in 2008 where he was a pastry sous chef at French restaurant. During his years there, he learned to incorporate different Asia spices and ingredients into his plated dessert. Jack was also able to take his creativity into a new stage as he learned different new techniques into his cooking, such as Chinese style pastry and incorporate the East and West ingredients.


In 2011, Jack moved back to New York and worked in a Japanese fusion restaurant as a pastry assistant.  During his years there, he was able to further develop the western and eastern taste together.


Jack has been back to Hong Kong for nearly 7 years. Upon his return he has worked in different restaurants. He then started to pursue another goal which was to become a chocolatier. In 2017, he has opened his own brand, Jacque au lait which has created different chocolate masterpieces. 

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